Water Systems

WWINC is not a water treatment company and is not affiliated with any specific chemical and equipment suppliers.  WWINC’s aim is  to provide an independent consultancy service that will aid you, the end recipient, in understanding recommendations put forward to you by service providers and thus ensure that they meet the SANS guidelines for industries in South Africa.

Corrosion, scaling, fouling and biofouling are all inter-related and if not treated correctly can lead to inefficient processes, higher water and energy usage and increased plant maintenance costs.

The chemistry involved in water treatment is not always well understood and costs for treatment are often viewed at a higher priority  than the technical offerings  and / or results. WWINC can assist you in terms of  reviewing the treatment programs and aid understanding of what the analysed results are telling you.  This will allow you to not only understand your water service provider reports, but increase the on-site  knowledge of how your systems are affected.


  • Technical review of tenders/offers with a view on how they meet the SANS 893 1& 2 standard
  • Provide an independent opinion / assessment of water systems
  • Work with Service Providers to aid in problem solving, specific projects and cost savings
  • Develop scope of work for tenders
  • Review analyses and identify trends
  • Form part of your water review meetings