WW Independent Consultants (WWINC) is a South African owned, independent consultancy, auditing and training company that specialises in Water and Legionella matters

WWINC is not connected to any Water Treatment Service Provider or Equipment Supplier and provides advise that is independent of any Service Provider Offerings.

Legionella and water chemisty are considered speciality fields and one typically needs to spend years in training to understand all the aspects.  Industry today does not have the time or resources to train their staff and have to rely entirelty on the service provider to fill this role. The training courses provided by WWINC aim to reduce the knowledge gap between the service provider and the Site Water System Manager in order to aid decision making and influence strategies.

As an active member of  the Legionella Action Group (LAG) and the SABS committee that established SANS 893 1 & 2 (Legionella Responsibility for SA Industry) and with over 20 years of industry experience,  WWINC is well aquainted with the requirements and control of best operating procedures for industry.